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    Garage Booking: 4 & Rotary Nationals 2018
    Please read through the garage information on our website before completing this form.

    We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to complete this form.


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    Pukekohe Park have pit garages available to hire for the weekend. These garages fit up to 4 cars so get together with a bunch of your mates and hire one out.


    Full garage (4 spaces) $650

    LIMITED TIME SALE - only $550 (only 10 available).

    Single car garage space (randomly placed if available) $200

    Price does not include event entry fees.

    Entry Desired:(*)
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    Garages Include:

    - Power and lights inside the garage.

    - Separate garage lane to get out on the track faster.

    Garage Terms & Conditions

    Upon hiring a garage, you agree to the following:

    - Pricing is for garage space only.

    - Due to limited spacing and very high demand, you must be a registered competitor to be eligible to hire out a garage. If you're hiring out a full garage, all 4 members must registered online within 3 working days of submitting your garage application.

    - If you are not a registered competitor, you will be removed from the garage on the day.

    - No vehicles are to be parked outside of the garages, in pit lane or on staging lanes.

    - Garages are non-refundable.

    - If you're hiring a full garage, you are required to fill out info for all 6 entrants.
    Acceptance Of Terms(*)
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    Vehicle 1 Driver Name(*)
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    Vehicle 1 Details (Year/Make/Model)(*)
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    Vehicle 1 Entrant Number
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    Fill out if hiring a full garage only

    Vehicle 2 Driver Name
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    Vehicle 2 Details (Year/Make/Model)
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    Vehicle 2 Entrant Number
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    Vehicle 3 Driver Name
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    Vehicle 3 Details (Year/Make/Model)
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    Vehicle 3 Entrant Number
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    Vehicle 4 Driver Name
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    Vehicle 4 Details (Year/Make/Model)
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    Vehicle 4 Entrant Number
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    Card Type:(*)
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    Direct Debit:
    Payments are to be made to "4 and Rotary"
    Account Number: 03-0179-0294140-002

    Please use your Registration as a Reference and Last Name as the Particulars.

    Payments are to be made within two working days from submitting this form.
    Name On Card:
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    Card Number: (no spaces)
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    Expiry ( MM/YY ):
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    Submit Entry
    Note: After clicking the SUBMIT button you should see a new screen saying Thank You for Entering, if you still see your entry form please check for errors and make sure all boxes are ticked.
    PLEASE NOTE: that “This is not a confirmed entry”
    We will confirm your entry via email and issuing you with your registration number.