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How can I enter?

The easiest way to enter is online through our website. Click on the register now tab under the event you'd like to take part in. Make sure you fill out all the forms correctly and use your name that's shown on your drivers license.

Do I need a credit card to enter?

No you don't! You can pay by direct debit if you don't have a credit card.

What happens if my vehicle has changed, or I can no longer attend the event.

If you need to change the Driver or vehicle for any reason, you may do so by replying to your confirmed Competitor Email. A $30 admin fee will occur to change these details.

If you can no longer make the event and you'd like a refund, reply to your confirmed competitor email at least two weeks prior to the event, along with your account details and reason and we will refund your entry form minus a $30 admin fee. We cannot refund your entry fee if it's within two weeks of the event.

I’ve just entered online, what happens next?

After you enter online, your entry takes a few days to be processed by our staff. Once it’s been processed and paid for, we will send out a confirmation email detailing everything you need to know.

I haven’t received a confirmation email yet, what should I do?

First of all, check your junk mail. Sometimes this gets mistakenly sent to your junk mail folder. If your payment declined, or something is wrong with your entry, we will email you to say so. If there's no email, then the next step is to check the confirmed entry list, these can be found under the event menu. If your name is on that list, you have been confirmed and would have recieved an email from us at some point. Still nothing? Send us a message via Facebook. We’ll check our records and get it out to you. A common problem is a typo in the email address which can easily be fixed.

Can I enter without a WOF or Registration?

While this may differ from event to event, in general, you don't need a wof or registration, except for Drag Racing. Of course any non-wof/reg vehicles should be towed to the event.

Can I enter without a license?

Once again, this may differ from event to event, but in general, you will need a license (minimum restricted) for any driving/racing events. You don't need a license for the Show & Shine.

Do I need a Scatter Sheild on my Rotary?

Scatter blankets are only required for Drag Racing events at Meremere Dragway. While we do recommend you run one for all events, it's done at your own risk if you choose not to.

What's the deal with scrutineering? What do they check if I want to go out on the track?

For vehicles wanting to go out on the track, we have a basic Safety check that needs to be done. This is to ensure your vehicle is up to standard and not a danger to youreslf and anyone else. If your car has a wof and reg up to scratch, you're good to go. If you have a competition car with no wof or reg, we will check through, making sure seats and seatbelts/harness/battery is secure, your brake lights work, legal tyre tread, leaks and it's important that you have a tow hook. Your safety gear will also get a quick check over.

Can I purchase or bring my own alcohol at the event?

Safety is our number one priority at all of our events. All our events are strictly alcohol free and cars will be searched upon entering the venue. Any found will be thrown away. Random breath tests may take place at the events during track time, and any driver with a blood alcohol reading of over 0.00 may have their Driver Pass removed.

Do I have to wear a seat belt out on the track?

Yes, seat belts must be worm by drivers and passengers at all times on the track.

Can I leave the venue and come back?

While 4 & Rotary events operate on a strict no passouts rule, there are a few exceptions.
Drivers wristbands may allow you to leave the venue and come back if you need fuel etc. This is for drivers with a valid wristband only.
Other then that, there are no passouts for passengers and spectators.

What happens if my car isn’t ready and I’ve already paid? Or my circumstances change and I’m unable to attend?

If you’re not 100% sure your car will be ready or you will be able to make it, you can either wait to enter on the day, or enter at the early bird prices if you can get in quick enough. If you decide you can’t make it, simply get in contact with us via email 2 weeks prior to the event you've entered and we’ll refund your entry fee less the administration fee of $30. Alternatively, you can use your pass to view the event as just a spectator.

Can I change my vehicle or give a mate my entry?

You are more than welcome to bring along a different vehicle on the day to registration, or swap the name on the entry. Please note, there is a $30 admin fee for any vehicle or name changes.

What safety gear is required for any track driving?

Different events require different safety gear. Please check the Competitor Info page for details.

What’s the deal with wristbands? Can I take them off?

All drivers/passengers are required to wear the correct wristband given to them at registration. You mustn’t remove the wristband or tamper with it in any way. If you are spotted with damaged or tampered wristband, these will be removed and you will need to purchase a replacement if you wish to stay in the event. Wristbands are waterproof and hardwearing.

My photo won't load to the entry form? Or my photo isn't up on the confirmed gallery on facebook?

If you're photo isn't uploading to our entry form, please make sure it's within the 2MB size limit and in the accepted format (jpg/jpeg/png/gif). If you're still having trouble, try submitting your entry on a computer (if you were trying via mobile). We recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome.

If you're waiting for your photo to be uploaded in our confirmed gallery on facebook, there's a few things you can do.
1- Check your confirmed entry email. If you scroll down to your competitor details at the bottom, you will see a link to your Car Image. If there's no link, no photo was submitted with your entry. Private message your photo through to our Facebook Page and we can post it up.
2- If there's a photo there but still hasn't been posted it may be waiting to post up. Generally photos are uploaded in batches of up to 20. During peak entry times, there may be delays in the uploads.
3- Lastly, if your photo is way too small, pixelated, wrong dimensions etc we won't post it. We also won't post it if it's not of your car (e.g. a photo of just your numberplates or piece of your car). We recommend sending in photos that are landscape, and not zoomed in too much so there's space for us to crop it. Please save photos to your phone, not screen shot off facebook/snapchat as these generally fall into the too small/pixelated category


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