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Judging & Awards


Rules & Regulations

No WOF or REGO needed to compete in all classes except for Tough Street.

Trophies will only be given if 3 or more competing cars per category are present at the event.

If you do not understand these catergoies, you need to be at the judges briefing on the night of setup to listen to the judges explinations and ask any questions you may have.

Top Judged means the vehicle with the most points at the end of the judging.

If you want to highlight something to be judged (e.g. engine bay/boot/undercarriage etc) they must be displayed for judging. Engine bay/boot must be left open and undercarriage must be displayed by being raised or shown with mirrors. If you do not display the undercarriage, leave interior/bonnet locked etc, they will be scored a 0.

All cars must be left unlocked to be judged on the night of setup.

ALL TROPHIES/PRIZES ARE TO BE COLLECTED ON THE DAY! If you do not attend prizegiving or don't collect your trophy by the end of the day, they are put in storage and may take upwards of one month to be sent out.

Show Winners

All Open Class and Tough Street show winners will recieve free entry into the next 4 & Rotary event (e.g. Champs winner will get free entry into Nationals. Nationals Winner will get free entry into Jamboree etc). Your free entry is for a standard show only spot. VIP and Track/Both Day upgrades are available at extra cost. Must be redeemed during early bird entry only.

Free entry can only be redeemed by the same vehicle and owner that won the award. You cannot bring a different vehicle, or give it to someone else.

If your club wins Best Overall Car Club, your club will recieve 5 free entries into the next event.

Season Winners

Open class season winner will automatically move to Tough Street. If your vehicle is not eligible for Tough Street, you will be given a free entry to the next season, however it will be as an exhibition and no judging will take place.

Tough Street winners are given free entry to the next season as an exhibition only. No judging will take place.

NZ Show Car Championship

Round 1 - North Island Jamboree (March-Manfeild)

Round 2 - South Island Champs (November-Timaru)

Round 3 - NZ Nationals (January-Auckland)


Rotary Class

Open to any rotary powered vehicle in the show, regardless of WOF or REGO.
Points Award Details
100 Best RX2/616 Top judged RX2 or Rotary converted Mazda 616
100 Best RX3/808 Top judged RX3 or Rotary converted Mazda 808
100 Best RX4/929 Top judged RX4 or Rotary converted 929
100 Best RX7 (S1-3) Top judged RX7 Series 1-3
100 Best RX7 (S4-5) Top Judged RX7 Series 4-5
100 Best Late Model RX Top judged RX& Series 6-8 or RX8
100 Best RX323 Top judged Mazda 323 converted to Rotary engine 
100 Best Rotary Conversion Top judged car of any type that has been converted to Rotary engine
100 Best Commercial RX  Top judged commercial vehicle converted to a Rotary engine (e.g. Van/Ute/truck)
100 Best RX Other Top judged vehicle outside of specific model trophy list that is factory fitted with a Rotary engine (e.g. R100)
200 RX Master Top judged Mazda Rotary powered vehicle overall. Automaticaly qualify for Tough Street next year

Piston Class

Open to any piston powered vehicle in the show, regardless of WOF or REGO. 
Points Award Details
100 Best 4 Cyl Piston Top judged 4 Cylinder vehicle
100 Best 6 Cyl Piston Top judged 6 Cylinder vehicle
100 Best 8 Cyl Piston Top judged 8 Cylinder vehicle (non American chassis)
100 Best Pre 1969 Top judged vehicle manufactured in 1969 or prior
100 Best 1970-1989 Top judged vehicle manufactured between 1970 and 1989
100 Best 1990-1999 Top judged vehicle manufactured between 1990 and 1999 
100 Best 2000-2009 Top judged vehicle manufactured between 2000 and 2009
100 Best 2010+ Top Judged vehicle manufactured after 20010
100 Best Piston Conversion Top judged vehicle of any type that has been converted to Piston engine
100 Best Commercial Piston Top judged commercial vehicle converted to a Piston engine (e.g. Van/Ute/truck)
200 Best Piston Vehicle Overall Top judged Piston engine powered vehicle overall 

Club Awards

There is a minimum of 5 cars to be entered as a Club. Businesses cannot be entered as a club nor win any club awards
Points Award Details
100 Best Club Theme/Display Judged on theme and display of stand and members. E.G. Costumes, Props, etc
50 Best Club Theme/Display - Runner Up Judged on theme and display of stand and members. E.G. Costumes, Props, etc
100 Best Club Attitude Judged on the attitude of members from the time entering the showgrounds, I.E. registration, setup as well as on the day of the show
100 Best Presented Vehicles Judged on the club's calibre of vehicles entered
100 New Club On The Block For new clubs to the show, or returning clubs that haven't been involved in over 12 months
100 Top Club - Runner Up Judged on all aspects of the club, theme, display, attitude, participation, interaction and quality of vehicles on display
200 Overall Top Club Judged on all aspects of the club, theme, display, attitude, participation, interaction and quality of vehicles on display

Manufacturer Class

Awarded to the vehicles with the highest points with body and engine from the same manufacturer
Points Award Details
200 Best Subaru Top judged Subaru vehicle
200 Best Honda Top judged Honda vehicle
200 Best Toyota Top judged Toyota vehicle
200 Best Nissan Top judged Nissan vehicle
200 Best Mazda Top judged Mazda vehicle
200 Best Ford Top judged Ford vehicle
200 Best Mitsubishi Top judged Mitsubishi
200 Best Euro Top judged European vehicle. Any manufacturer of european descent

Tough Street

The vehicle must hold a current WOF and REGO and enter the show under it's own power. If you would like to be in Tough Street, please email the judges via the contact page here, or speak to them at Registration on the day. JTune is the official Tough Street Dyno run provider. Competitors under Tough Street cannot compete in other classes.
Points Award  
100 Graphics  
100 Suspension/Brakes  
100 Undercarriage  
100 Innovation  
100 Engineering  
100 Build Quality  
100 Drivers Attitude  
150 Wheels  
150 Interior  
150 Sound DB & Install  
150 Engine Bay  
150 Bodykit  
150 Paint  
150 Display  
250 Power Output  

Race Car Awards

Any vehicle, street legal or not, must have a full rollcage to be eligible to win this class. This category is eligable to compete in all classes except Tough Street.
Points Award Details
200 Best Drift Style Top judged Drift Car
200 Best Drag Style Top judged Drag Car
200 Best Time Attack Style Top judged Circuit or Time Attack car

Open Class

Individual awards open to any vehicle in the show except Tough Street competitors, regardless of WOF or REGO
Points Award Details
100 Best Paint  Top judged vehicle painted in an OEM colour. If the paint is custom but appears factory and there is no showboard to say otherwise, it will be judged as original.
100 Best Original Paint Top judged vehicle with original paint from naufacture.Based on age of the vehicle and presentation/cleanliness.
100 Best Extreme Paint Top judged vehicle painted in a colour that is not OEM.
100 Best Undercarriage, suspension & Brakes Top judged undercarriage (brakes, suspension, exhaust, diff etc), based on preperation, cleanliness and customisation. Must be displayed (raised up/mirrors or shown via showboard) to be judged. If it is not displayed, it will score a 0.
100 Best Engine Bay Top judged engine bay, based on appearance, customisation, functionality etc. Must appear operational and have bonet left open for judging.
100 Best Displayed Vehicle Top judged presentation of a vehicle and/or use of a theme, e.g. costumes/props etc.
100 Best Graphics Top judged vehicle showcasing airbrushing, vinyl wrap etc
100 Best Bodykit Top judged bodykit, based on alignment, fitment, originality and suitability to vehicle
100 Best Engineering Top judged Engineering, based on fabrication quality, innovation, functionality and safety
100 Best Minitruck Top judged ute/pickup that has lowered suspension e.g. Airbags. C-Notch or modified suspension platforms
100 Best Rims & Tyres Suited to Vehicle Top judged Wheels and if they are suited to the vehicle they are fitted. Condition, Cleanliness, Originality etc.
100 Best Stance Top judged Stance, based on wheels, suspension and overall vehicle look.
100 Best Extreme Stance Top judged vehicle showcasing wild offset and/or camber.
100 Best Original Interior Top judged Original Interior, may be retrimmed in original style.
100 Best Modified Interior Top judged interior that has been modified from factory.
100 Best VIP Style Vehicle top judged vehicle in style of VIP
100 Best Bike Top judged Motorbike, Bicycle, Scooter, Quad etc.
0 Standout/Encouragement Awards Judges award for vehicles which are a standout for a specific reason. Maybe it didn't quite fit into the judging categories, or shoped signs of something special to come.
0 Standout/Encouragement Awards Judges award for vehicles which are a standout for a specific reason. Maybe it didn't quite fit into the judging categories, or shoped signs of something special to come.
0 Standout/Encouragement Awards Judges award for vehicles which are a standout for a specific reason. Maybe it didn't quite fit into the judging categories, or shoped signs of something special to come.
0 Standout/Encouragement Awards Judges award for vehicles which are a standout for a specific reason. Maybe it didn't quite fit into the judging categories, or shoped signs of something special to come.
0 Standout/Encouragement Awards Judges award for vehicles which are a standout for a specific reason. Maybe it didn't quite fit into the judging categories, or shoped signs of something special to come.
  Peoples Choice Runner Up  
  Peoples Choice  


Car Audio Class

Kiwi Class    
Kiwi Pro Class    
Kiwi Expert Class    
Kiwi Extreme Class    
Kiwi Elite Class    
Kiwi Show Class    
Sounds Alive Class    
Top Dog    
Extreme Bass Battle NZ    


Trade Show Awards

Top Trader

Top Trader - Runner Up


Judging Team


Sam Mercer

Sam has been leading the judging team since 2013. He has held different management positions in the automotive industry for over 10 years and is currently contracted to Holden NZ as a Sales Development Manager. His love of cars has seen him owning a workshop and importing cars for a number of years. Back in 2006 Sam built himself a 9 Second Evo 3 drag car that he campaigned in a full interior road legal state. He appreciates all sorts of vehicles from his time with a V8 parts wholesaler and it shows in his current vehicles a Ford Escort Cosworth, GTR Skyline, 2009 STi and just for a bit of fun he has a 1000cc Streetbike powered Golf Cart.



Marcus Rose

Marcus' passion for all things noisy and fast began on his farm on motocross bikes. As a kid, he rode the paddocks and street on motorbikes before progressing onto the four wheeled variety. His rides have consisted of Mazda 626, rx4 sedan and a super quick Gtti Charade! Things got a bit more full on after that, completing a full rebuild on a Nissan Navara mini truck, dubbed H8BMPZ. This competed in the show scene, and truly ignited the mini truck following. From there, Marcus’s job with Fusion took him to the States, travelling the insane automotive show scene over there as well as a long stint of 10 years with Red Bull. Since then, Marcus and his fiancé Bex have gone back to their roots buying a nifty wee Mazda 1300 and currently go on family cruises in their series 2 RX2 running a 12a PP.

Nathan Sandford

Nathan has been in the automotive industry his whole life as a mechanic, workshop manager and did a season with Toyota Racing Series as an engine builder. Currently he’s working for Mitsubishi as a Service Advisor. You may recognize him as owner of Boosted Performance which featured on the TV show Import X building the 1UZ AE86 and Twin Turbo VQ45 Navara. He is also made a guest appearance on Meke my Waka which aired on Maori TV. Nathan enjoys anything on 2 wheels including his dirt bike and will be representing NZ in BMX at the World Champs at Vector Arena in July. He has a passion for Ford vehicles such as Laser Tx3 Turbo’s and lately he has upgraded to a 1981 GL Mk5 Cortina.


Jess Darlington

Jess brings some experience to the judging team, shown in his first engine swap to a $700 RX2 back in 1989 in his crazy mother’s carport. From there, Jess developed a love for Toyota’s first turboing a 4AGE back in the early 90’s and a string of 1UZ conversions in later times. Jess has laid his hand to many past award winning cars and even has a few trophies of his own, including Best Toyota and Best Ute. Jess is never afraid to try something different and question the norm when it comes to modified vehicles. Currently he does rally sprints and hill climbs in his corolla and chops up motorbikes for a bit of fun.


Clint Field

A mechanic by trade, Clint’s interest in cars began at a young age where he worked part-time at the local gas station and raced go-karts. Clint began his working life at a workshop specializing in Hot Rods and modified cars where he was employed for 10 years. He then began working as a low volume vehicle certifier, which he has been doing now for 7 years. Over the years Clint has owned a number of modified vehicles, including early Ford Escorts, a turbo R32 Skyline, a bagged 1UZ powered Nissan Navara and a string of V8 powered Valiants culminating in his current project, a turbo V8 powered VG Valiant which gets regular use both on the track and on the street.


Scott Finn

Scott is the longest serving team member with 10+ years experience with the 4&Rotary judging team. He has been working with some car clubs for close to 20 years now, carrying out fabrication for members of GGON, ONBOOST and MR2OC. He has owned and modified a few performance cars himself, a Nissan GTiR, Mitsubishi Evo and until recently an impressive Toyota MR2. Scott has a passion for anything fast and certainly has an eye for detail and function. By trade he is a fabricator and refrigeration engineer which allows him to be involved in a range of projects.


Andy Cheals

Andy's interest in cars started at an early age with his Father’s passion being passed on. Having a few ‘clunkers’ (Mainly Cortinas and Escorts) in my younger years I eventually moved on to the RWD Starlets of which I have owned my current one for 13 years, now being powered by a JC 13B Bridgeport turbo. I have been involved in the Automotive industry for nearly 25 years since leaving school, starting out as a spray painter before doing a few years of auto electrical work and then moving into parts supply. I have been involved with 4 and Rotary for 10 years, starting when I first showed my car at the ‘06’ Nationals. Also I have been fortunate over the years to help build cars with mates and crew for the FC Datalogit drag car which won a few show awards as well as claiming the fastest 13B NZ title when it was racing.


Jacky Tse

Jacky is the owner of Auckland workshop Jtune Automotive. Jtune specialize in modifying NZ’s best JDM style street cars, circuit cars and show cars. Jacky has been in the car scene for more than 10 years, he’s done his time judging in Autosalon car shows as well as the 4&Rotary series. He’s owned and built many cover cars for local publications as well as overseas “Superstreet and Speed Hunter“. Not only do his vehicles feature in them but he also writes part time for a number of different magazines and newspapers. Jacky is always keeping up to date with what’s new in the industry from latest trends to new products and innovation.



Troy Smith

I have been involved in 4 n Rotary over the last decade, I was first introduced to it back in 2001 where I travelled up and down NZ showing of my Mazda's over the years, I won several awards consisting of Best RX, Best RX overall, Best RX engine bay and Peoples Choice over a collection of 4 to 5 different cars I have had in my possession. Over that time 4 of them were featured in NZ Performace Magazine, two made front cover, also made it to the big screen and 4 & Rotary videos. I have attended Auto Salon and 2 Hot 2 Handle where I won many awards in the Rotary section.

I have a real passion for cars especially Rotarys, I have a open mind towards any car and appreciate the hard work put in. I am currently branch manager at Matamata Repco and been in that industry for 7 years.




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